Perfect Your Morning Ritual

Perfect Your Morning Ritual

The morning is the beginning of a new day. The crisp morning air, the quiet streets, and the sun’s gentle rays slowly brightening the sky creates a peaceful ambiance. The mornings, however, are more than just the early, tranquil hours of the day. Studies show that the morning hours can directly determine our attitude and performance for the rest of the day.  If you’re wanting to start the day on the right foot, read on! 

Morning routines have become a popular topic of books, articles and various social media trends.  the topic of best selling books. While we love a good routine, we sometimes find ourselves going through the same motions without giving them much thought. Life can be unpredictable, however, and a disruption to our routines can affect our mood greatly.

  If we want to optimize our mornings, implementing morning rituals instead of a morning routine is the key. 

What is a morning ritual?

“Ritual” and “routine” are commonly used synonymously, but they actually describe two different things. A routine can come naturally to us – we can probably go through our morning routine with our eyes closed, like brushing our teeth or making our favorite breakfast. Rituals, on the other hand, take a more intentional approach. It is more than just checking off that to-do list. 

A morning ritual requires brings forth the idea of mindfulness, where you are taking in the process of your morning tasks and appreciating how it benefits you. It’s a helpful break from our busy days and reminds us that life moves pretty fast. If we don’t stop and look around once in a while, we could miss it (thanks, Ferris Bueller). 

 Here are a few examples of morning rituals! You may already be incorporating some of these things into your day! If so, go you! Just make sure to frame these actions as a ritual as opposed to a routine. These are more than a series of tasks. They are a mindful part of preparing your mind, body, and spirit for the day and tasks ahead! A few examples of morning rituals that you can practice may already be things that are a part of your daily to-do’s, but reframing these actions as a ritual can help clarify how they are so much more than a series of tasks. 

  • Meditation - Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and has evolved into a worldwide practice that anyone can do. so we can be confident that this stuff works. It is one of the best morning rituals to organize your thoughts and push away any negative feelings or emotions that aren’t serving you.  Mornings can often feel rushed, so instead of just sitting in silence for a few minutes, start your meditation with a specific intention that you want to set for your day. If you’re anticipating a jam-packed day, lead your meditation with a sentence like “I intend to enjoy every moment of today, good or bad” to start off your day with a positive mindset. 

  • Exercise - You may hate exercising in the moment, but you never regret it after you finish. Starting off your morning with a good workout can give you those endorphins you need to begin your day. Move your body the way that you feel you need that morning. This could be a quick mile run or even a 10-minute yoga stretch! Enjoying your workout will help you stay consistent and appreciate the way it makes you feel. Pro tip: if you absolutely do not feel like working out, tell yourself you only need to workout for five minutes and then see how you feel. More often than not, after those five minutes, you will feel motivated to continue! If not, sometimes your body and mind need a rest day. 

  • Enjoy a warm, delicious drink – Summer or winter, rain or shine, a hot drink in your favorite mug always hits right in the morning. There are plenty of drinks out there that people enjoy in the morning (coffee, tea, etc.) but we find that these drinks often feel good in the moment but don’t serve us in the long run. A nutrient-dense, functional morning drink, like our morning mix, can provide you with the energy you need and boost your health with its packed antioxidants found in its natural ingredients. Drink slowly, savoring each sip, as you prepare for the rest of your day. 

  • Goal setting - Sitting down and planning your day can be a little stressful, but reframing it as “goal setting” can help you look forward to what lies ahead. Setting specific, measurable goals in the morning can alleviate the overwhelming feeling of having to get everything done in the same day. 

  • Journaling - Journaling in the morning is the perfect time to clear anything that is holding you back from being present and focusing on gratitude. Psychologists have countlessly referenced journaling as a way to live a better life. Its benefits range from stress management to enhancing your creativity – two things we definitely need more of in our lives!

    These are just a few ideas! The most important part is to implement something you find rejuvenating into your morning ritual. If you have an idea that is not on our list, please share in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!

  • Why is it important?

    Morning rituals will help set the tone for your day. You will begin the day with a positive mindset that will shoo away those negative thoughts when our day doesn’t go as planned. As you become productive after completing your rituals, you’ll feel confident in your ability to achieve your goals for the day.  Even your mindset can have an impact on your health. Studies show that this positive mindset can have added health benefits such as increased life span and lower rates of depression.  

    You will also feel more energetic throughout your day! We know how brutal some mornings can be when your bed feels like the comfiest cloud in the sky, but waking up early and intentionally beginning your morning practicing your rituals can give you a burst of energy as you take on the day. Dedicating that first hour after waking up to your rituals will help you avoid that dreadful mental and physical fatigue, helping you feel and be the best you can be on your busy day.

    Hot tips for morning rituals:

  • Be consistent! The best way to see results is to stay consistent with whatever you’re doing. Implementing morning rituals every morning will transform your life in every area. 
  • Start off small: Your morning rituals should be personalized to you. Start off small and simple! You can focus on one of the examples we mentioned above, or even create something entirely on your own. Ensure that you are mindful throughout the process and make changes when needed the need arises. 
  • Record how you feel at the end of the day: This will help you see how beneficial morning rituals are to your days. By recording your emotions and well-being after a long day, your appreciation for the morning hours will increase and help you look forward to the days ahead. 
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