Daybreak + Impact

Our family grew up adventuring in the Arizona mountain wilderness. Exploring the wild gave us a great appreciation for the beautiful outdoors. We have enjoyed sharing a love of nature with our own children by camping, star gazing, and visiting the National Parks. These experiences bring our families closer together.

We created Daybreak to fuel our adventures and inspire others to witness the grandeur of Mother Earth. We are passionate about preserving wildlife and conserving nature for our children and future generations to enjoy!

In 2020, The Living Planet Report found that population sizes for wildlife species have declined by 68% from 1970-2016. Unfortunately, it is human activities that have catalyzed these dwindling numbers. Instead of being a part of the problem, we want to be a part of the solution. Our country is filled with beautiful, wild places that are in need of protection for the survival of the wildlife that inhabit these spaces.

At Daybreak Cacao, we are adopting these animals and donating a portion of the profits to help rehabilitate them. With each purchase of our Cacao + Morning Mushrooms Drink Mix, you’ll be supporting our efforts in aiding these endangered animals.