No, Cordyceps Will Not Turn You Into A Zombie

No, Cordyceps Will Not Turn You Into A Zombie

Are you excited about the potential health benefits of cordyceps but afraid it will turn you into a zombie? Don't worry! We're here to set the record straight—cordyceps are beneficial and do not carry any risk of turning you into one of the undead. In this blog post, we'll be discussing why that's true, exploring the amazing features cordyceps can offer, and offering tips for gaining all these incredible advantages without becoming a shambling corpse in search of brains. For anyone interested in taking care of their health naturally while avoiding becoming reanimated after death, keep reading to learn more about how cordyceps can help without zombifying you!

Introduce Cordyceps & Its Mythical Zombie-Making Abilities

The cordyceps fungus has gained notoriety for its seemingly magical zombie-making capabilities. The strength of countless urban legends about the fungal species was further solidified by The Last of Us, a popular video game and cable television show based on the idea of humans being infected and transformed into mindless creatures. However, far from existing in a universe with actual zombie hordes, this species of fungus is actually a parasitic, natural organism found all over the world that infects arthropods and affects their behavior while they are still alive. Although it may seem apocalyptically interesting to think of the Cordyceps turning us into zombies, it will most likely remain an unlikely fantasy.


Can Cordyceps Infect Humans?

Cordyceps are a fascinating natural phenomenon that have the ability to infect and control animals, but don't worry, humans are totally fine. Researchers are actively studying how these fungi interact with humans. It turns out, cordyceps in a supplemental form are incredibly good for you! While scientists continue studying cordyceps' full range of capabilities in relation to humans, our current understanding of just how they operate is quite astonishing. Amazingly after decades of trial and error, scientists have successfully cultivated cordyceps in a sustainable way.  Most of the cordyceps that are found in supplemental form now have been grown on grains and contain the same medicinal benefits as those found in the wild. 

Cordyceps Can Be Grown Sustainably

Explore the Potential Benefits of Cordyceps for Human Health

Recent research on the potential benefits of cordyceps for human health is exciting and potentially life-changing. Native to many parts of Asia and prominent in traditional medicine, this unique fungus has caught the attention of modern science due to its medically relevant compounds. Studies suggest that cordyceps might help improve joint and gut health, lessen inflammation, boost immunity, protect cardiovascular health, enhance athletic performance, decrease fat mass and even fight aging!

Cordyceps Can Enhance Athletic Performance

What We Know About Cordyceps & Zombies

Cordyceps is a fascinating fungi that has captivated the imagination of many! It is known for dramatically transforming its host into a creature that embodies characteristics of both fungus and animal. While there isn’t any scientific evidence to suggest that cordyceps can turn you into a zombie (phew!) it is widely believed that some species of cordyceps have been inspiring zombie-like horror movies for years. Let’s just hope cordyceps stay in the movies, because we don't need things like brain fever happening on the real world!

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